Discover our riding school in Essaouira

Our cavalry and our stables in Essaouira

All our horses are Arab barbs perfectly adapted for the Moroccan paths. They are surefooted and at ease on both the beaches of the Atlantic coast or the narrow, steep paths of the Atlas. The Arab Barbs are gentle by nature and wish to be neither beaten nor threatened preferring to be ridden with care and respect. Our horses are not castrated in line with Islam religion. Our stallions all have their own character but are gentle and adapt their behavior according to each rider Also, they are very docile with children and beginners. It’s a pleasure to ride them!

Our stables are a pleasant and welcome environment for your comfort and that of the horses. All our horses are in individual spacious stalls, well sheltered from the sun and wind, allowing them to relax between 2 rides.

Horse riding center in Essaouira

Our stables are located in Diabat, a small village at 3 km from the medina of Essaouira, by the river. We will welcome you in a pleasant setting. Non-riders can wait on our shaded terrace until the people they accompany finish their horse ride.

We have a small outdoor arena where our horses can run freely every day and relax. Riders can also use the outdoor arena for saddling before going for a ride or a trail.